quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2013

Two pints on a pier

Shall I have a bitter beer to become a better poet,
or it's just a better beer for a bitter sonet?

Things are a bit better for the poet, he would dare say
writing his bitter letter, biding his time, 
Also, the weather was rather warm, everything was fine 

"... and so, a better poet walks into a bar next to a pier 
and asks for two pints of bitter beer..."

Two then became six plus three
and the poet was out of here.

A boat suddenly rushed into the pier for rescuing the poet, his letter 
and two pints of bitter beer 
For the poet had ran away from his shrink

The poet vexes, drinks the rest of the beer
Jumps overboard never again to be seen.
Not even at that bar on the pier

Oh, and the letter? Maybe it was for you and me...

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